Waiting Patiently

waiting patiently

            How many times a day do you find yourself watching the clock?  We live our lives in constant motion, waiting anxiously to cross off the next big thing on our agenda.  But sometimes in our ambitions to get things done on time we get a bit carried away.

As human beings with tight schedules, we like to plan and have our lives follow according to those plans.  It is not always healthy to live with such high expectations, however.  When we do, we risk becoming angry or frustrated and may take these feelings out on people who deserve better.

One of the most valuable, yet often most difficult aspects of patience is having patience with others.  It is easy to blame someone else when we don’t get what we want.  Even so, it is in our best interest to be more mindful of others and recognize that everyone is doing the best they can.

It pays to be patient, especially with other people.  When we are patient with others, it is easier to get along with them and even form lasting relationships.  Words are more powerful than we realize, so we need to be careful when we speak.  By being patient and kind, we can brighten someone’s day.  Similarly, by getting annoyed and complaining to others, we can hurt someone and significantly lower one’s self-confidence.  Choose your words wisely, because you never know how deeply they can affect someone else.

Our patience is not only tested with other people, but in life’s everyday occurrences.  There are numerous things every day that all of us wait for.  We wait for food to be ready, exciting events to take place, the weekend, and more.  Some people wait for even bigger things such as a baby to be born, a long-term relationship, an admission into college, etc.  It can be extremely challenging at times to wait for the things in life we are so eager for.  But waiting can be a beautiful thing, too.

Patience means something different to everyone, but to me, patience is understanding and accepting life’s uncertainties.  We not only show our discipline when we wait patiently, but also allow ourselves more time to appreciate the special moments life has to offer.

As much as we’d like it to be, life is not perfect and it never will be.  There are going to be times that prove incredibly difficult and stressful.  It is important to be patient with ourselves, and remember everyone has bad days.  We can make mistakes and feel upset occasionally.  But try to avoid taking your dissatisfaction out on other people, because they have feelings too.  The way in which we deal with any situation is entirely up to us.  So, let’s choose love.  Let’s choose kindness.  Let’s choose patience.

Thank you for reading!  Happy summer!




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