Happy April, dear friends!  The month of March sure went by quickly, and Easter is right around the corner!  April will be a very busy month for many of us, but there is no better time than the present to create new goals for ourselves and start again.  And so, I invite you this week to rise.  Work hard, stay focused, and try your best.  We weren’t born to live through storms, we were born to rise above them.  Rise above it all.  Rise above the hardships, rise above fear, rise above all the negativity.  You’ve got this.  As Austin Seferian-Jenkins, a football player of the New York Jets, wisely stated, “You have set backs in your life, and adversity.  You can be discouraged about it or have courage to get through it and be better.”  Mind over matter, my friends.  You have nothing to lose.  You’ve got all it takes.  Make this your moment and rise.

Thank you for reading this week’s blog.  Don’t forget to follow up with last week’s post if you missed it!  Embrace   Have another wonderful week.





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