Dealing With Disappointment


            Sometimes we are so focused on achieving perfection that we forget it is okay to make mistakes.  We are humans and all we can do is try our best.  The mother in the Last Song says it well when she tells her daughter, “We are not perfect.  We make mistakes.  We screw up.  But then we forgive and move forward.”  It’s easy to dwell on the things we do wrong in life, but by letting go and learning to live without regrets, we can live a much more peaceful and positive life.

To be completely honest, life is full of disappointments.  Maybe you fail a test, forget to do something important, or don’t receive a bonus or award that you were hoping for.  You may have let yourself down, you may fear you have let someone else down, or a combination of the two.  Regardless, you feel upset and as though you’ve failed in some way.  You wish you could go back and fix things, but you can’t.   Your faults weigh you down, and make you feel defeated and hopeless.  Thus, you struggle to get through each day and you lack the positive energy that you once had.

But things don’t have to be this way.  We can all learn from our mistakes.   To deal with disappointment in a more positive manner, try to see failure as an opportunity for growth.  One cannot rise to their utmost potential when he or she constantly focuses on the past.   Additionally, part of life is coming to the realization that we are not perfect and cannot please everyone, no matter how hard we try.  So, the next time you make a mistake, don’t look down on yourself for it.  Acknowledge yourself for the attempt, and begin again.  As a wise soul once said, “It’s not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them that defines us.”

Thank you for reading today’s post!  Feel free to share any comments or suggestions below!  Enjoy your week.




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