This Is For You

            There you sit at your computer, scrolling away through social media, intrigued by interesting pictures and posts, clicking on the ones that grab your attention the most.  You might start thinking about what other people are doing, and may even start to compare yourself to them.  “I wish I could be more like them.”  … Continue reading This Is For You


Wishes for a Wonderful Week!

Hi friends.  Happy Monday!  I am still settling into September, though I can't believe it is already almost over!  Soon, though, I will get back into the routine of things and new blogs will be up and running every week.  I think it can be so difficult getting back into a regular work and school schedule!  … Continue reading Wishes for a Wonderful Week!

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!  Today let us take the time to acknowledge and honor our American workforce.  Always remember that with hard work and patience you can accomplish anything you want in life.  But for today, take time to relax and enjoy another beautiful day.  Thank you for reading. Namaste. Kristen