Sharing Is More Than Showing


            I guess I’ve always thought of sharing your gifts and talents with other people as that of a performance.  A way to wow individuals and inspire them.  A way to entertain them and make them happy just by watching you.  And in a way, this is correct.  But as I laid down in my bed the other night, staring at my ceiling, thinking of my passions in life: dance, yoga, etc., something just clicked and I came to a sudden realization.  Perhaps my hopes and dreams weren’t as much about me as I once thought.

I’m not always good at sharing.  I think my favorite word as a child was “mine!”  But we aren’t going to be here forever.  And where will our hopes and dreams and everything we’ve worked for go then?  Do we want to throw all of that hard work, all of those memorable experiences away?  I certainly don’t think so.  Then, we’ve got to share.  I mean, really share.

Inspiring others and entertaining them is not a bad thing.  In fact, it is a wonderful thing.  After all, it is our job as individuals to make other people happy.  However, sharing means more than showing others what you can do.  A major part of sharing (that we tend to ignore), is introducing our gifts to other people so that they too can help to spread the joy and love that comes along with sharing these gifts and talents with others.  I know there are some things in our lives that we only want to be “ours.”  We often fear that people will somehow take our passion away from us or become even better at whatever it is than we are.  But a wise person once said, “we rise by lifting others”, and if we truly want to live a happy life, then we must learn to stop comparing ourselves to other individuals.  All we can do is try to be the best person we can possibly be.  And, if you are truly passionate about the things that you love and do, then no one will ever be able to take those treasures away from you, no matter how talented or strong they may be.

So love what you do, my friends.  Take pride in it.  Work hard and share your passions with the world.  Don’t be afraid to show others what you are capable of.  But never hesitate to help them or teach them of the things in which you are most proud of.   Work together.  Improve together.  Really share your advice, your gifts.  For, “your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give.”

Is it hard for you to share?  What do you think is the best gift you can give to the world?  Thank you for reading.  Namaste.



13 thoughts on “Sharing Is More Than Showing

  1. Rachel McMichael says:

    I absolutely LOVE this! “love what you do, my friends. Take pride in it. Work hard and share your passions with the world.” You are spot on. We can be so guilty of comparing and showing rather than sharing. Taking this to heart today!

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