The Process


            “Ugh! I’m never going to get this,” I think to myself as I fall out of my attempted handstand, my back foot just barely leaving the carpet.  I sit on the ground, stretching out my wrists and thinking about all of the girls I have seen doing a handstand so perfectly, so effortlessly.  And I wonder, “how do they do it?  What is it that I am doing wrong?”  I stare at the floor for another minute before standing back up.  I go into my lunge, take a deep breath and kick my feet back in the air again, feeling ten times better than before.  I come out of the handstand rather abruptly, nearly losing my balance.  I smirk, “not perfection” I say to myself, “progression.”

We too often focus on the end result of things.  We don’t always want to play the game; we just want to win it.  But I believe we all have a story to tell.  And sure, every story has a beginning and an end, but the part that makes up the majority of the text, the part that catches the reader’s attention, is the middle; the progression.  You see, life isn’t simply about getting things done and over with.  No, life is so much more than that.

Life is about enjoying the PROCESS.  Learning.  Enduring.  Laughing.  Crying.  Realizing that things are going to take time and effort and finding joy and peace in doing them anyways.  Discovering the beauty of life’s imperfections and still smiling and having a wonderful time.  Experiencing a rough day and yet finding light and sharing love with the people around you.  This, my friends, is LIVING.  The story is in the process!

One will never be truly satisfied if he or she looks only for perfection.  We have to work hard for the things we want, and if we are going to work hard at all, we might as well have fun while doing it.  I know it is harsh, but a wise person once said, “you can sleep when you’re dead.”  There is not enough time on Earth to waste the days away.  So work hard, be proud of your accomplishments, grateful for your failures, laugh often, share with those around you, and have the time of your life!

What is one of your goals this month?  What are you doing to work towards that goal?  I look forward to your response in the comments below!  Thank you for reading!  Happy Monday!




6 thoughts on “The Process

  1. lastchance3 says:

    Perfection is a hard thing to meet. As someone who struggles with perfection issues, it’s one of the most defeating things. Learning to love the process and realize you are growing is a hard road, but so worth it!

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