Hidden Treasures

                 Have you ever wondered if there is something more out there?  Something more for you to endure, to explore, to enjoy?  Adventure is out there, my friends!  But as put in the well-used cliché “you’ll never know until you try.”  And what better time do we have to try new things than the … Continue reading Hidden Treasures


Why You Should Care

  Have you ever gotten so frustrated about something or someone in your life that you just gave up and said you didn’t care anymore?  Or have you ever been around someone who acted this way?  I have experienced both scenarios, though I know this is not the way anyone should handle a difficult situation.  … Continue reading Why You Should Care

Another Busy Week

Good morning!  This is the start of another busy week for me, but summer is closely approaching!  I can't wait to spend more time on writing good content for Namaste Everyday and also doing more of the things I love such as dancing and doing yoga.  Although this week is going to be hard, I … Continue reading Another Busy Week

Things Aren’t Falling Apart, Things Are Falling Together

I’ve experienced a lot of changes these past few months.  Whether they are good or bad, I’ve had a difficult time adapting to them.  These past few weeks in particular have proven to be a real challenge for me.  My sister and brother both moved away and I’ve found myself to be feeling quite lonely.  … Continue reading Things Aren’t Falling Apart, Things Are Falling Together