Hold On To Hope


  “It’s cold outside.  There are so many things that need to get done.  This work load is never ending.  What happens if I don’t finish all of it?  Will I be punished?  Will I lose my job?  Does the entire world hate me today?  Oh my gosh I haven’t even thought about next year yet, what the heck am I supposed to do, where do I go?  I’m exhausted.  Ugh, Mondays.”

So, I’m assuming you have at least experienced one or more of the above thoughts in your head once or twice.  I know for sure I have these thoughts a lot more often than I should.  Life is so chaotic, isn’t it?  So much pressure is put on us and things can get overwhelming really quickly.  Sometimes the stress or pain we are experiencing can seem almost unbearable.  We may even start to lose hope or feel desperate.  Don’t let this happen, though.  Hold on to hope.

Hope is an expectation that things will improve, that things will get better.  Hope is having faith that things are going to work out for the best, in our favor.  I can assure you that they will.  You just need to have patience and keep holding on.

Many of you probably DO have hope.  A lot of individuals are aware of all that this wonderful world has to offer and they are able to maintain their sense of hope even when times become difficult.  It’s not always easy to maintain your sense of hope, though. Some of us, myself included, struggle to believe that things will get better when we face a hardship.

Why might this be an issue you may be wondering?  Well, occasionally when an individual becomes hopeless, he or she isolates themselves from everyone else.  I think we often fear that other individuals will fail to understand the pain or struggle that we are experiencing, so we try to keep it to ourselves.  In the long run, this will not benefit us though.  Additionally, when we become hopeless, we lose the desire to exercise and experience new things that will benefit us in the future.  Did you know that getting outside and moving for as little as five minutes is guaranteed to improve both your mood and self-esteem?

So how can you escape this state of helplessness?  I think the best thing you can do for yourself is just try to be optimistic.  We have so much to be grateful for in this beautiful life and we often take things for granted.  Focusing on the positive will most likely eliminate the negative and remind you of the hopeful future that is ahead of you.  Another thing that may benefit you to become more hopeful is to confide in other people and gain their support, and in return you should support them.  Never forget that people really DO care about you and love you and are there for you.  Lastly, make sure that you take care of yourself and always remember that you are doing the best that you can.  If the only thing you can do some mornings, is wake up, then just keep on doing that.  Wake up, get up, but never give up!

What is one thing you HOPE to do this year?  How are you going to turn that hope into a reality?  Stay motivated, my friends.  You are capable of doing whatever you want to do, so don’t lose hope!  I appreciate you taking time to read and share your experiences with me.  Happy April!




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