Monday Inspirations

Happy Monday, my friends!  There is not a new post this Monday, but I encourage you to read last week's blog if you haven't gotten a chance to yet!  Click here to read "What A Wonderful World".  I hope the following three quotes will help to boost your mood and motivate you through this week. … Continue reading Monday Inspirations


What A Wonderful World

Welcome to the beautiful planet earth.  We are so blessed to call this place our home.  A place full of diversity, full of life, full of love.  All one has to do is walk outside to see an amazing sunset, or a vibrant patch of flowers.  And yet, sometimes we forget how precious the earth … Continue reading What A Wonderful World

A Peaceful Mind

            We are reaching a very busy time of year, with a lot of events coming up all at once.  Sometimes things in life just don’t seem to go our way.  Some days can be exhausting and we might feel overwhelmed or overworked.  Oftentimes this can cause us to become forgetful of the many things … Continue reading A Peaceful Mind

Hold On To Hope

                 “It’s cold outside.  There are so many things that need to get done.  This work load is never ending.  What happens if I don’t finish all of it?  Will I be punished?  Will I lose my job?  Does the entire world hate me today?  Oh my gosh I haven’t even thought about next … Continue reading Hold On To Hope