Keep It Simple


Think back to your childhood.  What were you doing then?  Were you jumping rope or playing with your favorite teddy bear?  What made you happy?  Chances are, you didn’t have multiple forms of modern-day technology sitting in your hands, but that’s because you didn’t need it.  You probably entertained yourself!  Wouldn’t you love to feel that way again, though?  To enjoy life so much that you didn’t need anyone or anything else to make you happy?  I know I would.  So, how much do we really need?  Honestly, a lot of our needs are mental other than food, shelter, and water.  For example, many of us feel the need to be loved and for me, I also feel the need to dance.  So let’s eliminate the unnecessary things, and let’s just keep it simple.

You may be wondering, “Why does simplicity matter?”  Well sometimes, less is more.  I don’t just mean this about items, either.  Oftentimes a simple thought or statement is actually more powerful than a complicated one.  When you eliminate unnecessary items in life, you save money.  You also eliminate the amount of work and stress that those items may give you.  On top of this, you add more time in your life to spend with others and to do the things that you love.

So how can you apply simplicity to your life?  Well, minimalism does NOT mean you have to eliminate EVERYTHING or change yourself in EVERY possible way.  In fact, you may not even have to change yourself at all.  The first step is deciding what in your life do you want and need.  I, for one, would not function properly without tap shoes, my morning coffee, or a yoga mat.  The goal of simplicity is not to deprive yourself of what you do on a daily basis, but instead to remind you to take time to enjoy the things that you do rather than focusing on what you don’t.  Life is all about balance.  What do you value and what can you live without?

A person who lives a simple lifestyle can take the time to fully appreciate things the way they are.  Simplicity is being grateful for everything you have and learning to never take things for granted.  Things don’t have to be complex to be amazing whether thoughts, actions, or items.  Simplicity is amazing and it is so good for the soul.  As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said, “In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.”

What will YOU do in the future to keep things simple?  I look forward to your response!  See you next week!




One thought on “Keep It Simple

  1. Judy says:

    I am constantly looking for ways to simplify my life! The more simple, the better! There are times when I just want to get rid of everything and have as little as possible. Only then do I believe I will be able to focus better on what truly matters.

    Keep it simple and do what makes you happy!

    Thank you for writing and the reminders of what matters most in life! You are an inspiration. Keep writing! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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