Who Are We To Judge?


Have you ever judged someone before they even said a single word to you?  Have you ever felt like other people were judging you?  Chances are your answer is yes to both of these questions.  I know we all do it sometimes, but why?  Who are we to judge?

We all have our own set of difficulties in our lives.  These challenges may or may not affect the way in which we look or act.  Nevertheless, I think it is safe to say we don’t need or desire any additional drama in our lives!  In my opinion, it would benefit us all if we just learned to be grateful for everything and everyone for what they ARE rather than what or who they are not.

Imagine how much more confident everyone would be if we lived in a world without judgment.  Everything would be so much easier, wouldn’t it?  Life isn’t that simple, though.  We all must be prepared to cope with judgment from others every day of our lives.  Keep your face toward the sunshine, my friends, and let the dark clouds of judgment fall far behind.  Allow the judgment to make you stronger and work harder towards the goals that you WILL achieve.  Always be grateful for the people that acknowledge the beauty in you and even the ones who don’t, for they will all be able to see your greatness eventually.  You are AMAZING no matter what.

It’s not always easy to live in a world with so much judgment.  However, in order to live a happy life we must be able to get past our fears and live our lives the way we want them to be.  If there is anything one must learn in life, it is that we just can’t please everyone.  Sometimes we have to live for ourselves first.   We really have two options in life:  we can create peace or we can create more judgment in the world.  The choice is up to us.  What will it be?

What is it that causes us to be so judgmental?  How do you think we can create a more peaceful and welcoming society?  I look forward to your feedback.  Thank you for reading!




One thought on “Who Are We To Judge?

  1. Judy says:

    What a perfect topic for your blog today… it honors the legacy of Dr. King beautifully! A world with less judgement and more acceptance is certainly be one that is more peaceful. Thank you for writing and reminding us of what matters and inspiring us to try to be better! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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