Capturing The Moment


We all have our own ways of capturing new memories.  We can take pictures, write, scrapbook, etc.  Sometimes, though, we are so focused on looking for such good memories that we forget to capture the little memories that actually end up meaning the most to us.  It is important to capture memories, whether big or small, so that someday we can look back on them and share the joyous times with the people that mean the most to us.

Whether you are enjoying a simple family dinner or sharing a few great laughs with your friends, don’t be afraid to pull your camera out, or at the very least take a minute to thank those around you for granting you that pleasant moment in your life.  Take the time in your day to be grateful for your special moments.

Sometimes we get so excited for the upcoming events in our lives that we actually forget to enjoy them while they are happening.  As individuals, we are so prone to want to move on to the next big thing before something else has even ended.  We are constantly wondering “What’s next?”.  Capturing the moment means focusing on now instead of later.  It is a system of making the most out of your day and finding enjoyment in everything you are doing, even when life throws you a curve ball.  Some days you are just simply not going to want to smile, but that’s okay.  We are all human and we are allowed to have days when we just feel like we want to sulk.  However, as Alice Morice Earle puts it, “Every day may not be good…but there’s something good in every day”.  Our job in capturing the moment is to find that “something” and to make it worth while.  Memories are memories, whether big or small, so capture them, capture them, find them all! 🙂

Capturing the moment is a reminder to us all to live each day like it is our last.  No one knows what the future may hold.  So, even if it means you have to pull your camera out in an awkward situation, do it anyways!  You can’t just wait around for the perfect moment.  Take that moment and make it as perfect as can be!   In a way, capturing the moment is a form of gratitude.  When you take a picture, for example, it is as if you are thanking the subject of your photo for being of existence.  We are so very fortunate to be able to capture an infinite amount of memories.  Whether it is in our heads, in our cameras, or in our notebooks, the meaning is the same and we will be able to look back at these timeless treasures forever and ever.

This holiday season, no matter who you are spending time with or what you are doing, I hope you can capture as many memories as possible.  Be sure to take lots of silly selfies with friends and family, take pictures of the beautiful decorations and winter scenery,  pictures of the big Thanksgiving day meal, and anything else that brings you even the tiniest amount of happiness.  Most importantly, make sure to enjoy yourself while creating these new and everlasting memories.  Someday, I promise you will look back and realize just how special these fun little moments are.

What are some of your favorite holiday memories?  I would love to hear in the comments below or by email in my Contact page! Thank you for reading.




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