How To Avoid The Winter Blues This Season


I don’t know if it is the lack of Vitamin D, the cold and harsh weather conditions, the stress that comes along with the holidays, or the fact that I don’t yet have a companion to spend this wonderful time of year with, but I often find myself going through periods of despondency during these upcoming months.  However, I try to deal with these emotional days with as much optmism and holiday spirit as possible!  Here are some of my tips that I have found to be most beneficial to deal with any stress or hardships you may be facing during these chaotic times:

  • Be Grateful-Regardless of if it is the little cup of coffee you drank in the morning to start your day or the smile you received from another person when you arrived at school or work, be grateful for it.  Even if you can only find a few little things to be grateful for each day, especially when you aren’t having an easy one, it is the small things in life that add up and will lead to your overall happiness. 
  • Be Determined to Have a Great Day– I have just recently discovered how simple, yet incredibly effective this mindset is.  The results are amazing if you just wake up and tell yourself, “Today I am going to have a great day.  I am not going to let anyone take away my peace or my happiness”.  Life is all about having mind over matter! I will admit it is not easy to wake up and tell this to yourself every morning, especially when you are overtired, but I can guarantee that if you remember to do so and remind yourself of this at least once during the day you are bound to make it a great one!
  • Stick to a Sleeping Schedule-Okay, I confess, I’m really bad at this one! We have all been there: You come home from school or work, you eat some dinner, maybe go to sports practice or other activities, and then you have to stay up all night doing…more work! Well other than the amount of exhaustion you are experiencing, here is the really bad news: These long nights are really going to wear you out.  Soon enough you will become so exhausted in your daily life that you will not think clearly and you will start to miss out on everything you enjoy in life.  Your moods will change drastically and lead to more anger and frustation than anyone deserves to experience in life.  Unfortunately, sleep is not something you can catch up on in just one day. By sticking to a sleeping schedule (including on the weekends), you will feel much more energized and ready to accomplish your daily goals.  You will feel healthier and more willing to exercise and communicate with others.  Sleep is one of the easiest and best decisions you will ever make!
  • Eat Healthy-I am a true believer in eating healthy natural foods as often as possible.  When we eat junk food, well, we normally feel like junk afterwards.  By eating natural and healthy foods, you will obtain more energy to plow through even the hardest days.  On a bad day, eat some dark chocolate and move on! If we eat healthy now, we are much more likely to be overall healthy individuals several years from now.  With this being said, don’t be afraid to indulge at least one day this holiday season.  Believe me, you deserve it! 🙂
  • Exercise-This pretty much goes hand in hand with eating healthy.  I  guarantee if you do these two things on a day to day basis, you will lead a much happier and successful life.  Exercise is not meant to intimidate anyone.  Just discover what type of exercise you love to do and practice it everday.  All you have to do is spend 30-60 minutes (or more) a day, whether it is a relaxing yoga class or an intense circuit training workout, it is still getting your heart rate up and setting you up for a healthy lifestyle.  It is sure to make you a bit happier to know that you have a healthy life.
  • Smile-Smiling can be so underrated! As William Arthur Ward beautifully stated, “A warm smile is the universal language of kindness”.  By breaking out a smile you are sure to brighten someones day even if it is your own.  If you brighten someone else’s day, it is an added bonus because you will feel happy to cheer someone up, especially when you are feeling lousy yourself.  So shine that beautiful smile of yours wherever you go regardless of how you feel, it is a lot more powerful than you may think!
  • Give-There is SO much to give at this time of year! I do not just mean the presents!  Whether you give someone your time to help them and listen to them, you share your talents with your community, you give thanks to the people around you, the possibilities are endless. Your form of giving will not be forgotten by those around you.  You will also feel happier to have been able to help someone else out.
  • Let it Go– Too often do we let the smallest pieces of our days get the best of us.  This holiday season, try to let the little things go and do your best to avoid judging other people. Sometimes we all need a friendly reminder that we are all very different,  but we are all only human and there is only so much that we can control.  Life is messy and not everything is going to go as planned. People and plans change all the time.  Embrace the beauty of change and imperfection! Why should we waste our limited amount of energy stressing over little aspects of life that we cannot even control?
  • Do More of What Moves You-It is truly amazing how happy one can become when they discover what they love to do.  Although many of us will still have to partake in the annual “hustle and bustle” of this holiday season, be sure to make time everyday to do what you love to do.  It may be a simple hobby such as cooking or scrapbooking , or it may be a form of expression that has become a major part of your life such as dancing.  Even if you have a tight schedule, if you have a true passion for what you do, then you should make time for it in in your everyday life. You deserve that time.  Life is much too short, so follow your dreams  and do what makes your soul happy!
  • Avoid Procrastination– I know it is much more appealing to lay in bed all day watching Netflix than it is to clean the bathroom or to get your work done.  However, to live a happy life,we have to avoid getting stuck in the habit of procrastinating.  If we stay organized and on top of things, then we will get everything we need to accomplished and then still have time to watch Netflix and do the other things we love.  If we do not stay on top of things, however, we will be cramming in work at the last minute and creating a much more stressful and unhappy environment.  As the famous Wayne Gretzky  once said, “Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy”.

I hope that these suggestions help you to enjoy each and  every day of this wonderful time of year.  At the very least, I hope you realize that we all go through difficult times regardless of what season that may be. Nevertheless ,we all can enjoy even the most stressful times  with a little hope, a little love, and a little gratitude.  I wish all of you a  very joyous and memorable holiday season spent doing the things you love and getting to share these special moments with those who mean the most to you.

What do you do to remain calm and happy during this time of year?  Who or what are you most grateful for? What are you most passionate about and how will you honor that passion this season?

I would love to hear from you!  Don’t forget to like this post and comment below or click on my Contact page to send me an email! Thank you for reading.




15 thoughts on “How To Avoid The Winter Blues This Season

  1. Sophie says:

    It’s so much easier for me to cope with the winter when I have a direction. I love this piece because it’s given me a few pointers to go with.
    I’m trying mindfulness at the moment and I think I may incorporate it into a run.
    Be time efficient too!
    S x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shannon Paige says:

    Great tips! I definitely get the winter blues – i actually just posted about this too because i was feeling kind of sad when it got dark so early one night but then decided to let it fuel me to make a post about it instead.


  3. Mumma Hack says:

    Such great ideas here. Down here in Aus we’re heading into summer, but I am not a winter person at all, so have to keep these tips in mind when the season rolls over. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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