Welcome To My Blog!


This is the start of a fresh new lifestyle blog where thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, and inspirations will be shared.  This is a way for me to express myself to the world while fulfilling one of my passions;writing.  I plan to share information and my emotions towards some of my most prize possessions in life.  These topics include dance, yoga, photography, family, music, movies, television shows, dogs, and books.  I love the holidays and would like to provide advice on how to enjoy all the special little moments this holiday season.  I hope also to emphasize the importance of gratitude in our everyday lives.  I would like to stress the importance of peace and happiness and how I try to maintain these things to the best of my ability everyday.  I would love to use this blog as an opportunity for me to connect with others and I am certainly open to any suggestions you all may have to make this blog more exciting and inviting for all.  I plan to post to this page about three times a week.  However, if this blog turns out to be a success, I hope to eventually post daily and develop this blog page even more.  Thank you for checking out my page! Namaste!



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